Collagen VS Keratin Hair Treatments

Collagen VS Keratin Hair Treatments

When diving into a conversation about hair straightening products, chemical treatments and relaxers one must first understand what each treatment does, the ingredients used and how to maintain the treatment.

  • First off, What Is A Collagen Infusing Hair Treatment?
    This is a hair treatment that softens, shines, straightens and makes hair healthy.  The treatment repairs damaged hair as well as prevents future damage from sun and heat. This is not a chemical used to restructure hair, it is a replenishing treatment designed to protect hair and enhance natural shine, with the use of Collagen.
  • So… What Is Collagen?                                                                                                                         Collagen is a protein found in your skin, hair, nails and teeth.


  • What is the difference between Professional Brazilian Keratin Straighteners and Collagen Infusing Hair Treatments?                                                                                                           Brazilian Keratin Straighteners: Often Brazilian straighteners claim they do not use formaldehyde (a dangerous chemical that can cause coughing, nausea, skin irritation, and in the long term cancer), but many contain a chemical derivative of formaldehyde called aldehyde.  It turns out that this seemingly “safe” chemical is not safe at all, and just like formaldehyde  has harmful effects.  Some Keratin Straightners do not contain these chemicals, but most do.These treatments often last 2-3 months and are chemical straighteners.
  • After using the Brazilian Keratin Straighteners hair become dry brittle, frail and begin to break. This is a big risk all hair types face when using Brazilian Keratin Straighteners but blondes and those with highlights are at the biggest risk for hair breakage.
  • Brazillian Keratin Straighteners are Relaxers!



          Collagen Infusing Hair Treatments-  do not contain the chemicals used in relaxers such as formaldehyde and aldehyde.  Collagen treatments do not alter the structure of the hair, the restore elasticity , shine , flexibility decrease frizz and make hair more  manageable.


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