Collagen Treatment

New solution.

Enormously effective.

The Collagen Infusing Treatment is a multi-step hair preservation and restoration
treatment. Developed by Tomy Biton to help re-hydrate and restore shine, strength
and health to distressed, over processed tresses. Bonded to the hair shaft with heat.
The benefits of this deep conditioning treatment will last six to eight weeks and will restore
vibrancy and health into lifeless, limp, and damaged hair. Increase manageability, elasticity
and reduce frizz up to 95% for overall stronger, healthier hair. Long, Strong, Beautiful Hair!



Compared to Brazilian Keratin Treatments

Brazilian Keratin treatments are RELAXERS- they chemically straighten the hair, by stretching the hair shaft. When the hair shaft is over stretched it breaks.  These treatments use very harmful chemicals call formaldehyde and aldehyde.  These relaxes may be a quick fix but cause tremendous damage and breakage.. especially for those with blonde hair or highlights.

The Collagen Infusing Hair Treatment repairs damaged- over processed hair. It restores elasticity, shine and vibrancy of the hair. It decreases frizz and makes hair more manageable and easier to blow dry. The Collagen Infusing Hair Treatment does not chemically alter the shaft of the hair and is not a chemical relaxer. It uses heat to bond collagen, (a protein naturally found in hair skin and nails) to the hair shaft.