Using A Diffuser to Style Your Hair

Using A Diffuser to Style Your Hair

Diffuse Your Curls
Diffusing dryers are an awesome way to achieve volume, texture and curls: They attach to your hairdryer and allow you to disperse heat evenly over your whole head. It’s a great way to achieve gorgeous, natural-looking curls, like these.

If you have curly hair (or just want curly hair) then a diffuser is a must-have item in your beauty arsenal. What is a diffuser? It’s an attachment for your blow dryer that changes the air flow from a direct stream of air to a more diffused  wide circle of air. This helps to minimize frizz, since there’s less hot air aimed at any one part of your hair, so it’s perfect for curls. If your blow dryer didn’t come with a diffuser, you can buy a universal one that will attach onto the nozzle (just make sure it’s the right diameter before you buy).

Even if you don’t have naturally curly hair this is a great way to add texture and edge to your hair.

Step 1: Apply leave-in conditioner. After shampooing and conditioning, use a spray conditioner to lock moisture into your hair immediately after showering. This will help minimize frizz and keep hair feeling soft.

Step 2: Blow dry curls–Start by setting your dryer on low or medium heat and air pressure (yes, it takes longer, but it doesn’t dry out your hair or cause frizz).

Step 3: Then, tilt your head to one side and place the diffuser close to your roots and hold it there until dry. Repeat the process while tilting your head back and to the opposite side as well.

**Naturally curly girls will want to stop here and let their ends dry naturally (it’ll keep curls softer).

Step 4: For girls with wavy hair who want more curl, take your ends and lay them into the diffuser, then lift the dryer up towards your scalp and hold. Your hair will form a circular pattern inside the diffuser so you get curls. Repeat this process with small sections of hair until your strands are completely dry, otherwise curls won’t hold.

Step 5: Mist with hairsprayOnce hair is dry, mist it with styling spray

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