Nourish Your Dry Winter Hair!

Nourish Your Dry Winter Hair!

Suffering from dry winter hair? Nourish your hair with rich vitamins, minerals and vanilla bean for great hydration all winter long.

Almost all of us have hair suffering from the dryness of winter.  Winter leaves your hair brittle and lack luster. You can spend hours searching the web for home remedies, vitamins and fatty foods that will potentially add some moisture, or your can find one product that will lock in moisture restore shine and nourish damaged winter locks.  

Tomy B. has developed a deep conditioning mask that truly works wonders on restoring brittle hair.  This rich formula adds moisture, shine, and nourishment.  It is very easy to add this product into your daily regiment.  Once a week replace your normal conditioner with Tomy B. Every Day Deep Conditioning Mask leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse out. 

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