How We Work With Thin Hair

How We Work With Thin Hair

1. Consultation- This is where your journey to healthier, shiner hair begins.  Enter our Long Island hair salon, relax, and enjoy a delicious cappuccino.  This is your time and our goal is to get to know you, your lifestyle and your hair struggles.  This is your one-on-one time with hair expert and stylist Tomy Biton.  Together you and Tomy will come up with a plan on how to reach your hair goal.

2.Formulation- Thin hair is delicate, and using the right color is vital to preventing breakage and adding volume.  Typically if you have been coloring you hair there is build up weighing it down and making it dull and stiff. The first thing Tomy will do is  remove that build up.  Then he will create a custom hair color formulation to match your complexion and personality.

3.Check-Up This is a process, so one week after your first appointment you will come in for a follow up. Whether you are perfectly happy or need some adjustments it is important for Tomy to see your hair hold color and to hear your feedback after your first service

4.Cutting & Styling Thin hair has to be cut so that your feel comfortable and confident with your look.  You need volume and fullness which means there should be a lot of soft layers.

5. Products- Now it is time to find the right products for you hair. We want you to be able to style your hair at home with ease and control.  We recommend using a volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner and styling with a Volumizing Mousse and finishing the looks with a bit of volumizing light hold hairspray.

6. Designing Your Schedule- After observing how your hair grabs color and holds color as well as how fast your hair grows you and Tomy will design your hair schedule. Typically a base sing process is done every 4-6 weeks and haircut every 8-10. Everyone is an individual and needs to find a maintenance schedule that fits their hair needs and lifestyle.

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