Which Hair Brush Should You Use?

Which Hair Brush Should You Use?

Hair brushed are essential in maintaining, caring for an styling your hair. The right brush can make styling easier while the wrong brush can cause serious hair damage!

Blow Dry Brush

Do: Use a boar bristle round brush to blow dry your hair. For volume, shine and style it is the perfect tool to achieve the perfect long last blow out.

Do Not: Never use a metal/ceramic brush for blow drying.  While the idea may seem appealing and you will have an easier time styling your hair the material gets too hot an will burn your hair.  The only way to repair heat damage to hair is to grow it out and get it trimmed. Avoid metal brushes!

Wet Hair

Do: Use a wide tooth comb or a “wet” brush.  The wet brush is a very soft bristled brush that won’t pull on your hair or cause breakage.

Do Not: Never use a paddle brush or round brush on wet hair.  Your will be pulling too hard and breaking your hair instead of detangling it.

Hair Extensions

Do: Use the wet brush it is the easiest, gentle way to detangle hair extensions.  Cary a mini brush in your purse so it is always on hand.

Do Not: Tugging on your extensions can rip the them out… tug and break your own hair and shorten your wear time on the extensions as well. Make sure to always be gentle when brushing extensions.

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